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Dr. Luc Lemire

Dr. Luc Lemire is a wellness expert who specializes in preventing and reversing diseases naturally with his highly-acclaimed, 3GX Longevity Blueprint TM that leads to shifts in health that most Doctors would say is impossible. He is the president, founder and research director of the Whole Body Wellness Centre & InnerMiracles.com. He has also served on the National Chiropractic Examining Board, a Nutritional Scientific Advisory Board, and as the chapter President of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Dr. Lemire has also been named as one of America’s PremierExperts® in recognition of his success and knowledge as a Best-Selling Author and International Speaker in the Health and Wellness industry. He is a board-certified specialist whose seminars have become famous for two reasons: first is his world-class content – which is easy to implement; and second, the fact that these proven strategies will literally reverse premature death. This has led him to be called “one of the greatest wellness experts of our time.” This is the primary reason that many of the world’s leading companies hire him as their keynote speaker. Some of his clients include: Wal-Mart, Union Gas, Hydro One, Government Agencies, The Art Institute of Dallas, London Life, Freedom 55 Financial, large insurance companies, banks, as well as a number of School Boards, Colleges and Universities. At these fun, entertaining and life-changing events, you will emerge from your experience with the latest advances in scientific research and the knowledge and skills to create long-lasting change in your life and your expression of health! Dr. Lemire is that rare health authority capable of guiding you down the path of lifestyle change, including the recalibration of the subconscious mind, optimal nutritional protocols and principles of physiology and exercise. For contact information for Dr. Luc, visit: www.InnerMiracles.com www.WholeBody.ca