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Dr. Jon Sarver

Dr. Jon Sarver is a highly successful entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience of leadership ranging from non-profits to internet- based businesses with many having faith-based overtones. Jon has the unique ability to claim successful businesses in small rural towns and large cities alike. He has a track record of laying the groundwork for growth and vitality as several of his businesses have lasted far beyond the average, and many exist today; decades after they were founded. He has also enjoyed a fundamental role in developing leadership education and cutting-edge mentoring in several institutions of higher education. In fact, in several cases he was called in to develop a program that was relevant to the “real” needs of the “learning” leader. All of these programs have become known for their practical application to theory and Dr. Sarver’s role was to hold each leader’s feet to the fire, to produce results in what was typically a non-profit environment. Jon has been teaching and coaching the “spirit” of the 12 core business strategies for 21 years in the church, para-church and business communities. Jon is a long time speaker and trainer in a wide variety of environments and in an even wider variety of cultures. He has coached leaders worldwide in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Dominican Republic and Mexico – in leadership and business principles – many times in harmony with Chet Holmes’ 12 core strategies. His clients have ranged from the largest industrial cleaning company in Los Angeles (Nancie Brown and Associates) to the Daytona Motor Speedway with many great ones in between. Jon is an accomplished triathlete with a half-ironman finish to his credit He has also completed 21 marathons. For more information go to: www.SarverConsultingGroup.com. Mention Pushing to the Front and you will receive a free ONE-hour consulting call directly from Jon himself, a $1,000.00 value! What others are saying... In working with Jon, I find incredible energy, a commitment to client success and an openness to listen and apply proven strategies to a sales organization. Jon has a great ability to break complex opportunities into manageable pieces. He does a wonderful job of bringing Chet’s words to life. John R. Guthrie – Vice President Business Development – Daytona International Speedway Dr. Jon Sarver’s coaching has been an invaluable addition to our executive staff. His insightfulness to our real issues, tactfulness in dealing with our issues and guidance on taking us to the next level is invaluable. I look forward to having Dr. Sarver be a part of our team for a long time. ~ Craig Rabe – President – The Computer Cafe I have had the pleasure to have Dr. Jon Sarver as our company’s management consultant. Probably the best aspect of Jon’s representation has been that I have truly believed Jon has our company’s best interest at heart, and he has always made time for a consultation with me and with my executive staff. His advice has been brilliant; he spent three days with our staff onsite and quickly came to understand our strengths and weaknesses and has from that time helped us build towards a more profitable, sustainable future. ~ Arthur S. Lazerow – Chairman of the Board, Alban Inspections, Inc.