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Dr. John Frossard

Dr. John W. Frossard is an award-winning school administrator and the founder of the educational consulting firm HowToAchieve®, LLC. Known as “America’s Most Unconventional Educator,” he received extensive media coverage when he utilized his unique leadership skills to inspire his high poverty students to exemplary levels of achievement. John earned his doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Virginia. He has served as a superintendent, chief academic officer, assistant superintendent, principal, assistant principal, and teacher. As a high school principal, he was invited to the White House twice with his students from two different schools. Recognized for his ability to cut through the maze of theory and research to provide practical strategies that lead to higher student achievement, John has a distinguished track record of success. He is an expert on student engagement, effective use of time, school-community relations, and career advancement. He is also the founder of the Principal Fast Track Association – a career development organization for current and aspiring school administrators. John is dedicated to improving schools, transforming lives, and connecting businesses with charities. Thus far, he and his wife have partnered with others to fund the construction of eight church-orphanages in five countries. He is the author of HOW TO ACHIEVE: Successful Adults Give Advice for Young People. HOW TO ACHIEVE includes great advice for young people from famous and successful adults including legendary Basketball Hall of Fame coach John Wooden, NFL Hall of Fame coach and NASCAR owner Joe Gibbs, million-selling author Cindy Cashman, Grammy award-winning music producer Pharrell, television political analyst and professor Dr. Larry Sabato, billion dollar-grossing movie producer Warren Zide, two-time NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner, entrepreneur and speaker Dr. Fran Harris, former Prisoner of War Captain Gerald Coffee, and many others. He is also the author of HOW TO RAISE STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: 101 Simple Strategies for Teachers. To receive a free copy for parents of his book HOW TO ACHIEVE: Successful Adults Give Advice for Young People, visit John’s internet television show website at www. SchoolTipsForParents.tv. To see John in action when he was a high school principal and discover why he’s known as “America’s Most Unconventional Educator,” visit www.HowToAchieve.com. To learn how you can fast track your career as a school administrator, visit www.PrincipalFastTrack.com. For a free report for aspiring school administrators to help you get promoted faster, visit www.SchoolAdministrationJobs.com.