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Dr. Caroline Manuel

Dr. Caroline Manuel is a Happiness Expert, Psychiatrist, Best-selling Author and Speaker, who is regularly sought out for strategies to overcome stress and optimize happiness. As an internationally recognized psychiatrist, therapist, author, and speaker, she has appeared as a mental health expert on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX, and has been featured in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek. Dr. Caroline’s techniques for overcoming adversity and stress management are also featured on her virtual platform, www.thelaughingmonk.com. The website offers readers inspiring ways to transform depression, anxiety and stress into a more vital, joyful life experience. She began her medical training in India and completed her postgraduate psychiatric training in Texas, USA. Utilizing tools from her training in mental health and from her own personal experience in overcoming adversity, she helps people retrain their brain to achieve success in life. “Charity and contribution play a significant role in creating authentic happiness,” says Dr. Caroline, who is writing her upcoming book, The Laughing Monk, to be published in 2012. To accompany the launch of the book, she is planning to collaborate with charities such as Salvation Army to provide meals for the homeless across Australia and the USA. Dr. Caroline gratefully acknowledges New York Times Bestselling editor Stacey Donovan, and Kavya Peters, for their editorial help. For more tips to retrain your brain for success visit the website: www.thelaughingmonk.com.