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Donna Darlington

An “Above and Beyond” Award winning Pastor and also referred to as “The Empowerment Conduit” by colleagues, Donna Darlington is known for her service to God and to others. Inspiring Speakers Bureau-represented speaker, author, former teacher, and entrepreneur, Donna is the founder and president of It Is Possible International®, a firm which trains individuals and organizations, to tap into their greatness and realize their highest potential. Donna is also the founder and president of His Virtuous Intentionally Empowered Women International® (His V.I.E.W. Int’l®), an establishment which equips and builds women to be, do and fulfill their life’s supreme purpose. Donna is a CTA Certified Coach. She is an international keynote speaker at health seminars where she inspires audiences and also addresses attendees on the mechanisms and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Donna writes across many genres. Her work has appeared in publications of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church, the Trinidad Junior Express (Trinidad, W.I.), The Collegian, The National Library of Poetry, Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum, and The Poetry Guild. Donna has also published articles in medical journals. Donna has been interviewed by Curley and Pynn-The Strategic Firm and, as a consequence, has been pictured in the florida.HIGH.TECH 2012 magazine. She has also been featured on Radio Isaac 98.1 FM (Trinidad, W.I.). Donna is a member of the Christian Medical and Dental Association, the Golden Key International Honour Society, and Toastmasters International, and has earned honors in tertiary level degrees. She is the author of soon to be released book, Suddenly Significant. Donna may be contacted at [email protected].