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Donald G. Wilson

A native of Central Florida, Donald G. Wilson, has been involved in the real estate business since the 1970s. He’s often sought after by investors from all over the world for his ability to see the market for what it really is and not what the media and government tells us it is. In fact, Don has been seen on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates speaking about real estate. He has also been featured in several local newspapers. He uses facts and figures from many sources inside and outside the real estate industry, along with a source rarely used by his competitors, called common sense, to evaluate the market and come up with a custom plan for every client. Don has been involved in all aspects of the real estate industry, including construction, investing, buying, selling, and being a landlord of his own properties as well as other people’s from all over the world. Everything that Don has ever committed to, he has found himself rising to the top. In the early 1980s, he took a $1,000 investment and turned it into a company that grew to $1 million in sales and more than 18 employees. People have often asked Don why he never works with the status quo, and he quickly replies, “If it is worth doing, its worth doing better than anyone else.” Together with his partner, Olympic medalist Ivan Katz, they own several real estate businesses in Central Florida that reach worldwide. The core value of these businesses is helping people have a rewarding experience in real estate. To learn more about Don and how he can help you reach your real estate investment objectives as well as receive a sample investors report titled Making Money With Real Estate in Any Market, simply go to www.NewRiseinRealEstate.com or call his office at (352) 241-7000.