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Don Lovato

Don Lovato is a decorated former U.S. Marine and serial entrepreneur from Albuquerque, who has been in the Flooring Industry for 20+ years. He has also founded an online Follow Along Fitness System called Wake The Fork Up, along with a Marketing Agency that helps local business owners around the world. Most recently, Don and his wife became partners with an Anti-Aging and Acne Clinic with clients across the globe. Eight years ago, Don found himself caught in a downward spiral when several life challenges occurred within a very short period of time, starting with an IRS Audit, a divorce, a Trade Name lawsuit, a brain aneurysm, and complications from brain surgery that resulted in emergency open-heart surgery due to a major infection. The compounding of these events decimated his life’s savings, retirement and business cash-flow, after returning to work nearly a year later, he found the economy had turned around globally. Don has acquired nearly every book, product and piece of teaching material on the subject of Direct Response marketing from his contemporaries, including Frank Kern, Mike Koenigs, and Joe Polish. He learned, mastered and implemented these direct response concepts, along with the idea of preeminence – as taught by his now friend and mentor Jay Abraham. He also studied the copywriting techniques and strategies from classic mentors like Claude Hopkins, David Ogilvy, Al Lasker, John Caples as well as the legendary Robert Collier. Don’s new and existing businesses quickly began to see fantastic results, the revenue in one business alone rose from $1 million to nearly $3.1 million annually consistently over the next seven years. At the request of his friends and colleagues who witnessed all of this, he opened a marketing agency where he offers consulting, business growth strategies, as well as marketing strategy. In addition, in his newly-acquired Direct Response Marketing abilities, he opened an ABQ Skin Care & Acne Clinic four years ago with his new wife; the clinic experienced zero to multiple six-figure growth revenues annually in less than four years, and is booked out at least two to three months. He was also selected as one of America’s Premier ExpertsTM. Don is now a two-time #1 Best Selling author, passive income business owner and mentor to many. He enjoys travelling the globe with his wife and children.