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Diena Thompson

Diena Thompson is a mother of five who was thrust into a mission to protect our children from the threat of predators when she lost the “Sunshine of her life,” 7-year-old Somer Thompson, on October 19, 2009 to a pedophile. Diena has made it her mission to draw attention to the dangers that none of us believed could happen in an American neighborhood on a walk home from school. It is now her passion to make sure NO family ever has to experience the pains she continues to feel, and has dedicated herself to bringing awareness to the importance of safety education. Diena, with the help of a friend, Bobby Ingram, of the band Molly Hatchet, launched The Somer Thompson Foundation in the Spring of 2010 in an effort to shed a bright light on the darkness that is the life of those who would prey upon our children. Diena has been tireless in bringing the message of childhood safety through her numerous appearances on The Today Show, Jane Velez-Mitchell and Doctor Drew, to name just a few. Diena has also successfully lobbied the Florida legislature when proposed cuts to the Cyber Crimes Division were being considered. By putting her face and story before the legislators, those budget cuts were averted and hopefully, many of Florida’s children are now safer because of her efforts. Diena joined the United States Air Force after high school to serve in the Security Police force. Her service was cut short by the birth of her first child and until October 19, 2009, she served as a mother and provider for her children. After October 19, 2009, Diena assumed her current role as a voice against predators and pedophiles and an advocate for empowering our children to recognize and combat these evil forces that would harm them. Diena has been trained in the RadKids program as a certified instructor to empower our children against the demons who walk among them. Diena’s life’s work is in its’ infancy and she realizes that achievement of that work will be hard to measure since stopping tragic events don’t make the headlines as the unstopped events do. Her goals fuel her to continue in a quest to secure the future for a child but hopefully, many children. To find out more about Diena and her foundation, visit www.TheSomerThompsonFoundation.org.