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Diane Scarazzini

Involved in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years, Diane Scarazzini, RN has the experience to empower and guide people to their fullest potential of healthy vibrant living. She lives the lifestyle she teaches, and shows you that can stay youthful and vibrant at any age. As a Registered Professional Nurse with over 30 years clinical experience, she will offer her service as a health and wellness educator, coach, vibrant health mentor, and holistic lifestyle crafter. What sets Diane apart is her background and knowledge in many health areas including nursing, natural health, fitness, nutrition and raw/living foods. Diane is also an N.D. (Traditional Naturopath) and Ph.D in Natural Health, a Certified Raw / Living Food Teacher & Chef. She owned a personal training studio, competed and won multiple bodybuilding competitions. Diane is a CPT and Boot Camp instructor who owns Feminine Flex Appeal Adventure Boot Camp of Orange County, NY. She is a NYS Licensed Esthetician and natural skin care expert who has worked in the finest spas and holistic centers. Diane presently sees skin care clients in her home. She also holds the distinction of the Certified Professional Coach and Certified Health Coach designations with two impressive coaching institutions. With her, you can clarify your goals, honor your life’s mission, and get inspired and motivated to transform your life. She will guide you on a journey to an extraordinary life. To learn more about Diane Scarazzini and the services she offers, visit: www.ocnybootcamp.com or: www.vibranthealthmentor.com or call 845 496-0322