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Diane Cardano-Casacio

Diane Cardano-Casacio is an innovative marketing expert, and with an MBA in Marketing, she in the business of marketing residential real estate. As seen on FOX, NBC, ABC and CBS on the Masters of Real Estate show, Diane shows off her creative ideas with her “Coming Soon! 6 Months Before You Sell” marketing system. Diane explains how her proven marketing systems guarantee her clients bankable results and an opportunity to net more than 18% more in a real estate transaction.

Diane’s career in the Real Estate business started when she was just 5 years old. Diane spent many Sundays at the sample home with her father, Jim Cardano, a licensed Broker and Custom Home Builder. She helped her father by giving prospective buyers a tour of the sample home with innocent passion. A born salesperson, Diane was her dad’s top sales agent at age 5.

As a child, one of Diane’s most admirable qualities was her competitive mind set. Her desire to excel in everything she did carried her through basketball championships, golf tournaments, a 4.0 student in high school and college, and then after college into “Corporate America”.

After 8 years of feeling trapped by her “Corporate America Job”, in 1993 Diane became a licensed Realtor and took control of her own destiny. However, she never outgrew her competitive mind set which translated to her becoming Rookie of the Year selling 18 homes in her first 6 months as a Realtor, when an experienced agent only sells an average of 4 homes in a full year.

Diane’s competitive drive pushed her to start her own boutique real estate company, Cardano Real Estate Experts. Now, her small Team of Expert Consultants sell hundreds of homes a year, year after year, with their main focus being to protect their client’s real estate asset.

Diane’s unique “6 Months Before You Sell” marketing system is called “Coming Soon Listings” and when implemented, guarantees to sell a home up to 18% more. Diane holds monthly Home Seller Seminars, teaching the 8 Strategies home sellers must follow to sell their home 4 times faster than the average and have a stress free process. Diane’s main focus is to maximize her client’s net profit by effectively fighting the Home Selling Sharks. The hundreds of success stories are proof that home sellers must be prepared when selling their home by educating themselves about the home selling process.

It is results like these that should compel you to pick up the phone and “Call Diane Now” when you get the first thought of selling your home and see if your home qualifies for her Coming Soon listing system. Call Diane or go to www.6MonthsBeforeYouSell.com for your Free Kit explaining the 8 Strategies you must have in place 6 months before you list your home on the market.

If you are not a PA resident, call Diane and she will introduce you to an Expert Consultant in your area. Not happy with the Cardano Experts Team, don’t worry, you can fire us at any time after 30 days on the market.

Also, Diane and her Team hold Buyer workshops where first time buyers can learn how to create a profitable, stress free home buying process and are educated about the different loan programs available. Diane guarantees that if her client is not happy with their home they purchased, she will sell it for free if within the first year of ownership. With guarantees like that, when selling or buying real estate, you need to go to www.CallDianeNow.com to maximize your profits!! Isn’t that what it is all about!!

Check out Diane’s video blog, www.DianesVideoBlog.com for tons of testimonials, stories, marketing ideas and much more!