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Diamond Leone

Diamond Leone is an author, speaker and founder of GIST B U. Gist B U is a movement and brand designed to creatively inspire, educate and empower people to reach their own best potential through mediums such as fashion, the arts and health and fitness, to name a few. Diamond’s story is one of triumph over adversity. She was raised by a single mother, grew up in some of the poorest areas of DC and Maryland and her family found themselves homeless and hungry many times throughout her childhood. These defining moments in her early life, coupled with her strong faith in God, gave her the tenacity and compassion to want to help others rise above their current circumstances and go after the life they dream of and deserve. After putting herself through college, her career experiences ranged from business management, real estate investing to project management. Although these successes were rewarding financially, they simply didn’t fulfill her need for creative expression. She began a journey to discover her real passion of being creative and to help others. She spent years studying the works of giants such as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar, and other top personal development teachers. This information was powerful and exciting but there seemed to be a piece of the puzzle missing. There needed to be a systematic way that could help people figure out who they are, then identify what was important to them and yet still apply the skills they learned to their lives and measure its effectiveness. Using her creative talents, she developed The Gist B U Success Blueprint program to fill this need. This unique Blueprint helps you to understand who you are and what values are most important to you. It identifies the 5 core areas of your life, helps you to set goals in each of those areas and incorporates a method to measure your progress along the way. By following this program, you can clearly see your life’s “Big Picture”. You will know how you want your life to unfold as well as the actionable steps you must take to achieve your goals. To contact Diamond directly and learn more about the exciting new things that she and her team are putting together, go to www.diamondleone.com or email: [email protected] “To truly enjoy life, you must be willing to look deeply inside yourself.... and laugh.” Diamond Leone