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Dexter Tenison

Raised in the small town of Hohenwald located in Middle Tennessee, Dexter Tenison grew up with the same fitness struggles so many Americans face today. With little knowledge of healthy eating and exercise, he struggled with a vicious weight problem throughout childhood and young adulthood. Until he was able to arm himself with proper fitness knowledge and proven healthy-eating techniques, he was unable to beat the unsuccessful yo-yo cycle of pop culture quick-fixes. Once Dexter learned that the keys to long term health and fitness do exist easily within anybody’s reach, he couldn’t help but share it with the world. It is his passion to help people find their desired destination of becoming more fit and healthy. His aim is to unlock the secrets of health and fitness not just for the people who look good with their shirts off, but for those who never believed it possible. His time tested programs boast 100% success when implemented! As someone who constantly strives to grow and learn, he sought out his fitness trainer certification with the International Sports Science Association and began working at a gym. He discovered many unethical flaws in the fitness industry that worked against the clients instead of for them. Seeking to find a program that set the highest ethical and educational standards in the industry, Tenison discovered Phil Kaplan’s Be Better project. “It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business and my clients,” says Tenison. Living by the rule “Be Better,” Tenison practices what he preaches. “The goal is not to be perfect it’s just consistent improvement. Be better.” With this goal Tenison finished his Master’s degree in Sports Science graduating with highest honors from the United States Sports Academy. He opened Dexter Tenison Fitness, Inc. and owns Memphis Adventure Boot Camp for Memphians to get outstanding results. Through his knowledge, personal trial-and-error and deep-rooted passion to help others, Tenison has developed systems with an unequaled 100% success rate when they are applied! “Every one of my clients achieves noticeable results,” smiles Tenison. Working with many people who are not comfortable going to a gym where others might judge them or are unsure of their own abilities, he has helped transform his clients into the people they want to be. Humble about his success, Tenison takes joy in seeing his clients’ triumph. He has helped people reduce medications, reverse diabetes and overcome cancer, as well as lose weight and gain strength. “People tell me I have changed their lives and I’m in awe of that,” says Tenison.