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Debra Waisner

Debra Waisner helps friends and clients to overcome negative thoughts, feelings and emotions so they can lead happier, more fulfilled and productive lives. She has spent over 10 years as a Consultant trouble-shooting, problem-solving, in product development and Quality Control and has developed long term care food products to help those suffering from swallowing problems. Loss of clients in 2008 during the economic collapse, lead her to re-examine what she wanted to do and how best to help. That examination began a career transition that is taking place today.

Debra’s new career as a writer, course developer and speaker is to help others to redefine or define themselves in a more powerful and positive light. She has self- published 4 books under a pen name dealing with gratitude, forgiveness, food labels, and a children’s book. Debra is also the co-author with Brian Tracy of the book Transform.

Debra is a graduate of Purdue University. She was also selected as one of American’s PremierExpertsTM. She is currently finishing developing course based on the chapter from the book Transform. The course will include eight sections that will delve deeper into improving and redefining negative thoughts, feelings and emotions to transform your life for the better.