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DC Gilman

DC Gilman worked his way up the corporate ladder from estimator through the sales ranks to Vice President of sales and ultimately President of a nationally recognized $21 million printing company. Under his leadership, sales outpaced production and he strategized and implemented operational efficiency systems, streamlined workflow, reduced production schedules by 50 percent and increased on-time delivery by nearly 20 percent. Through his laser-focused efforts, make-ready waste was reduced by 60 percent and annual revenues increased from $15 million to over $21 million under his leadership. He implemented lean manufacturing while managing over 160 employees nationwide. DC left his successful position in 2011 to follow his passion and personal dream of building his own organization that fosters entrepreneurship. Knowing the positive impact that entrepreneurs have on the global economy, DC has dedicated his time, energy and efforts to providing proven tools, systems and knowledge. Through his various speaking engagements and efforts, he has taken what he learned growing up in a small town in Missouri—where he started his first business before he could drive and absorbed the strong work ethic that was instilled by his father—and combined this with the realistic approach of how to work smarter, not harder. This has formed the foundation and back bone for his educational platform. Today, DC owns five companies and manages several streams of revenue—from network marketing to real estate—all by following the same advice and principles he shares with others. His no-nonsense approach shows entrepreneurs how to cut through the garbage, take action today, leverage cash flow and maximize opportunities and talents. For more information, go to www.DCGilman.com. DC’s latest book, Get Your Win On! showcases the essential steps, attitude and mindset for entrepreneurial success. DC was also selected as a contributing author for Entrepreneurial Success Stories: How Common People Achieve Uncommon Results with John Robinson and Loral Langemeier, scheduled for release late 2012. DC has been interviewed on various radio programs and has been featured in USA Today as a Game Changer. DC has worked with and/or shared the stage with some of the top speakers, authors and renowned experts from around the world. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Central Missouri State University and is a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Course. DC and his wife Kathy have two teenage daughters, Mikaela and Alana, who they are assisting in building their own entrepreneurial empires. DC enjoys traveling, creative masterminds and learning about innovative business strategies.