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David Wolfe

David Wolfe, CPA is the Founder and President of the boutique technology consulting firm Lupine Partners. Founded in 1993, Lupine provides software evaluation and implementation services to a wide base of real estate organizations across the United States. David is the author of two other books: Software and Vendors and Requirements, Oh My! – A Project Team’s Guide to Evaluating Business Software, and Lessons from the Technology Front Line. Additionally, David has served as an expert witness in court cases where data ownership was in dispute. In his private practice, David teaches information technology professionals how to provide more value to their employers through understanding the components of business operations and accounting. Technology professionals are taught the fundamentals of business, and more importantly, the tactics of communicating with entrepreneurs – ultimately becoming Trusted Advisors in their own right. Similarly, David advises technology-phobic business owners and other professionals on the language of technology, how to leverage technology for higher profits with less hassle and the tactics of motivating and cultivating a technology team that serves their interests. As a sought after speaker, you can contact David at [email protected]. Please visit the Lupine Partners website at www.lupinepartners.com/PrivatePractice.php for more information about Lupine Partners and David’s private consulting practice.