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David White

Based in London, David White started off as an engineer in Missile Guidance, so you could refer to him as a bonafide Rocket Scientist. In 1996, he established Weboptimiser.com. Since then David White literally set the standards for the Search Industry and has been the man behind many online campaigns from ‘one man bands’ to very large brands. As President of Weboptimiser, he is the only professional to have chaired the Search Council of the IAB in Europe, ever. The IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) originally determined the specification of the banner advertising format. Whilst he chaired the Search Council, he also determined Advanced Search Engine Marketing and Benchmarked Search Engine Marketing. He was also the first to defend ethical optimization. He has been the man behind the scenes who has been kept busy continuing to develop actual campaigns for major retailers and hotel groups across the World, working most notably with Ford, Marriott and most recently, Virgin Money. As David tells us, he works with businesses from major brands to ‘one man bands.’ He says it is not the size that is important, but the challenge. David’s mission is to help you automate your businesses so that you can live a more fulfilled life. Although search still rules in customer acquisition, social media has allowed David to develop iMAPractitioner.com. You will discover that he has solved the long term problem that nearly every consultant, trainer, small and large business owner faces: how to maintain clients year after year in spite of client staff changes. His experience and practice has grown from search to all aspects of traffic generation, to lead capture and client retention. David clearly knows his stuff. You can learn more about him and his business at: Weboptimiser.com