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David Ruggieri

David Ruggieri creates power in people – that’s what moves them on to reach their goals and personal aspirations. He is all about continuing education and has been quoted as saying, “Education is the great equalizer in our society, without it you need a ton of luck, with it you create opportunity – you do the math!” He serves as Chief Executive Officer of a major college group in Florida, and is a Senior Executive on the subjects of Marketing and Sales. In other words, he is a guy who builds both businesses and people. Over the years David has been in front of thousands of people “spreading the word” on personal power and personal responsibility. He has personally seen the fruits of those moments and witnessed the success many of his graduates have achieved. He has helped develop people into successful roles by giving them the words, attitude, and inspiration they needed, as he says, to “Fall Forward.” He is a believer that all attempts to do something are many times met with rejection or failure, but falling is a part of standing, and falling forward is the best way to keep gaining ground. Even falling forward gains new ground. David has been selected as one of America’s PremierExperts and has been quoted in numerous publications on the subjects of education, marketing, and sales. Connecting with David is easy. Whether it’s a question, comment, or interest in personal growth, you can contact David directly at: [email protected]. Or on his personal email, [email protected] Or call him at: 407-506-5771.