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David Ross

David Ross is the President and CEO of Continuous Business Inc. As his company’s name implies, David’s mission is to provide IT solutions for a business that is specific to its unique situation, and that can be accomplished without disruption to its daily operations and without incurring high costs. He incorporates a business’ existing software, networks, and business processes within his design and engineering of enterprise grade systems. David has over 29 years of experience in the information technology industry in many diverse business settings. Under his management of the company, Continuous Business integrated a heavy equipment manufacturer’s new web-based loan origination application with multiple existing independent applications into one viable system. Continuous Business also extended the life of a manufacturing company’s aging infrastructure by designing a fault-tolerant, core-computing platform that upgraded the computing and data resources for the company’s diverse business applications. This saved significant capital investments for his client and contributed directly to bottom line profits. David’s efforts increased Continuous Business’s sales from $385k to over $3.7 m. Prior to this venture, David worked for Syscom Inc. as Director of Research and Development. It was his responsibility to develop multiple software innovations that allowed the company’s document management system to integrate with diverse third party applications. Previously, David worked for CSX Technology as the manager of their Distributed Systems Group. Here he directed a team of twenty engineers in such leading-edge projects as: radio-based voice recognition dispatch; wireless handheld computer-based train yard repair system; and a wireless tablet-based rail car repair shop management system.