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David Lee

David Lee owner of Real World Strength Coach LLC, CPT, YFS has over 5,000 hours helping local Philadelphians transform their lives through his ACE living principals (Associate, Clean, and Elevate) and No Excuses Training. David got his start in the business due to a horrific car accident and his deep desire to get his body back in shape. Once finding his new life principals of ACE living he was able to overcome the obstacles he faced after his accident. He realized that through these principles he could help others overcome their daily struggles and get the body they have always dreamed of. Dave studied under Zach Even Esh and started to perfect his training style. He made it his passion to learn all he could about bodyweight, kettlebell and metabolic training. He took his new found knowledge and started up a small time fitness boot camp out of his home garage; there the Real world Strength Coach was born. He continued to study, learn and transform his own body along with the lives of his clients. Within the next six months he left his full time job and opened his own warehouse training facility. Real World Strength Coach quickly became the place to go if you wanted a “real workout!” Since then David has helped numerous local Philadelphians, whom he now calls family, transform their lives and bodies. He has helped lower cholesterol, drop diabetes numbers, reduce body fat, and improve overall body composition and self image. Not only have his members witnessed physical changes but they’ve had a life-awakening experience that has allowed them to lead healthier lives. Dave also serves as the strength and conditioning coach for two medal-winning Dragon Boat teams in the Philadelphia area. ‘Hope A Float’ is composed entirely of breast cancer survivors, together they inspire others. He has also worked first hand with the city’s youth in hopes of stopping the escalating obesity problem. Dave was featured on Good Morning America Health, and is often recognized as Philadelphia’s top fitness and weight loss expert. Dave hopes to expand his facility so that he can help more individuals. He also plans on taking his ACE message to the world via his new website and blog. David is married to Ana Lee and has a three month old son whom he is blessed enough to spend every day with. There is no doubt that with the passion and drive he encompasses he will be able to influence countless lives for the better.