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David Kittner

David Kittner, aka the Youth Fitness Guy, is a passionate, caring and dedicated individual with over 20 years experience working with children. He truly understands the unique sciences associated with child development and the practical means by which those must be applied to any fitness or sport-based venture. He is among the leading authorities of more than 2,500 Youth Fitness Specialists that make up the International Youth Conditioning Association, the premier international authority with respect to athletic development and youth-participant-based conditioning. David is certified as a Youth Fitness Specialist, Youth Speed and Agility Specialist, and a Youth Nutrition Specialist with the International Youth Conditioning Association. David conducts athletic development sessions, workshops and clinics for youth athletes, parents, teachers and coaches, and presents at Fitness and Physical Education conferences. He also serves as Education Director for SchoolFit, Youth Fitness Specialist and Master Trainer for Lebert Fitness and Youth Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Fitness nation. David resides in Brampton, Ontario with his two active children, Julia and Thomas. To request an interview or to get in touch with David, please contact him by phone at: 647-504-7638 or by e-mail at: [email protected]