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David Delgado

David Delgado was first introduced to real estate at an early age. His grandfather, a mover and a shaker, built one of the largest real estate investment firms in Los Angeles County. Despite his grandfather’s wishes for him to pursue business outside of real estate, David followed his dreams. In 1996, pursuant to his dreams from early childhood, David stepped foot into the mortgage industry and in 1998 was schooled by the most successful mortgage bankers in the country. In 2003, David became a real estate broker, helping run a successful nationwide mortgage company and soon after became the broker of record of Delgado Realty and Loans. In 2006, David was the creator and founder of DreamLoan, a mortgage banking advocate company for homeowners. During this time, David discovered a conflict of interest between Mortgage Lenders and Loan Officers vs. homebuyers and refinancers. As a result of his discovery, David submitted ideas and suggestions to Congress to protect Consumers and to eliminate the conflict of interest that existed in the home loan market. For the past 50 years, this was a conflict that had been unknown to the average consumer. As of today, there are no further conflicts of interest between the mortgage loan officer and homebuyers and loan borrowers as the U.S Government has enacted several mortgage reforms to eliminate any conflict of interest. David and his family’s legacy in life is helping others. David’s mission is to build up others by creating wealth for his clients through buying and selling Real Estate. His clientele ranges from local first time buyers and international investors to relocators and home sellers. David continues to innovate new marketing concepts, new systems, programs and technologies for the real estate industry to create investment strategies for seasoned real estate investors, move up buyers and to provide specialized knowledge and support to first time buyers. In October 2009, David received the Quantum Leap Award from Craig Proctor at a real estate super conference in Orlando, Florida. Craig Proctor is the creator of the Quantum Leap System - which innovatively applies the concept of leverage, specialization and systemization to provide superior real estate service. David’s insight into lending, helping people and service-first-before-sales has shed the light of hope to other fellow Realtors® throughout the country. His remarkable come- back story has been featured throughout the real estate industry, local training events and when he is asked why does he share his story, he says, “It’s because when you have hope, anything is possible.” Contact Information: David Delgado Delgado Realty Group Phone: (562) 201-7449 Fax: (714) 763-4378 Email:[email protected] www.daviddelgadorealty.com