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Darlene Campbell

Darlene Campbell is known for constantly asking two questions of prospective clients, clients and her peers. “Just what is it that you wish to accomplish?” And, “It is all about your return on investment, isn’t it?” Whether the questions she asks applies to their organization or government assessments on their business and income, she feels strongly that if they can get the answers right in the beginning the task becomes simpler to accomplish. Darlene explains that there is a way to outsource many of the processes to the solution to be effective, efficient and give a return on the investment. She founded what has come to be known as Information Communications Group in 1986, a multi-lingual company that supplies inbound and outbound call center services for messaging, telemarketing, order taking, surveys, appointment setting, server monitoring and email management – a company that designs call center processes to get results! To learn more about Darlene Campbell and Information Communications Group visit: www.infocg.com or call Toll free: 1-800-547-2213. www.informationcommunicationsgroup.com