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Daniel R. McCabe

Dan McCabe is the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. He’s always innovating. Looking at things broadly. He has an eye toward not only generating the big ideas, but also executing on the concept to actually deliver something meaningful to his customers. Dan started out early by buying his first investment property at age 19. He hasn’t looked back since. Little did anyone else know that this was just the beginning. After receiving his degree in finance and real estate from the University of St. Thomas, Dan began a successful career as a Realtor. This quickly led him to opening, and running, his own real estate brokerage. Anyone who knows Dan, understands that this was not enough. So, during this time he also opened his own real estate investment company, which he describes as a very successful and fulfilling venture. Dan, being a true entrepreneur, couldn’t stop there. Around every corner he saw an opportunity to help others run their businesses more efficiently, thus reducing his cost. It’s this kind of “big picture” thinking that has constantly led him to new success. He understands the environment around him and capitalizes on the fact that we can all benefit from one another in some way. He believes there is nothing sweeter than making more money by helping you make more money. A perfect example of this is the construction company that he formed with his lead contractor. The business plan was to combine the contractor’s expertise in construction, and Dan’s expertise in business. Since starting out, they have grown from just an idea, into a company with a full time office staff and multiple crews out in the field. And, he did it in just over a year. A major component of this growth was the addition of a complete marketing strategy and a full time sales rep. Dan’s focus has always centered on real estate. Real estate has been his passion for many years and continues to be a driving force for him today. He has learned though, that his winning strategies are universal. They can be applied to any number of businesses to help them grow and reach a higher level. The culmination? Fuzed Marketing is offering a unique tool, specifically designed for real estate professionals–Fuzed Agent (www.fuzedagent.com). Since every Real Estate agent has to run his/her own unique business, Fuzed Agent is designed to help them create effective, business-changing marketing campaigns, as well as automate their communication tools. Why? So Real Estate Agents can spend time actually SELLING real estate. The one thing Dan wants everyone to understand is that your business is only as good as your marketing. You are encouraged to talk to someone at Fuzed Marketing/Fuzed Agent for a free business assessment. We’ll help identify areas of your business that need improvement, or even a complete overhaul. Fuzed Marketing has sales and marketing experts around the country who are looking forward to helping you and your business reach the next level. Dan can be reached at 612-208-1071, [email protected], or by visiting www.fuzedmarketing.com