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Curtis Johnson

Curtis Johnson runs a highly successful real estate team at Curtis Johnson Realty, having sold over 3,000 residential homes. The Wall Street Journal ranked his Team as one of the Top 50 out of 1.2 million REALTORS in America. He is frequently referred to as Arizona’s Top Real Estate Marketer (see www.RealEstatesTopMarketer.com) online, in national interviews, and in mainstream media. He is one of the most connected and sought-after real estate minds in the business. Over the years, Curtis has been a headline speaker and trainer at some of the largest, and most cutting-edge real estate events in America. He has shared the stage with top coaches, motivators, and out-of-thebox strategists, both inside and outside of real estate, giving him a unique perspective to solve problems as a consultant to many real estate top producers across the country. Top media personalities such as Barbara Corcoran from ABC’s hit TV Show Shark Tank, the number two and three ‘most-listened-to’ radio hosts in America, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, have all vetted and endorsed Curtis and his home-selling strategies. Battling the free falling market in Arizona convinced Curtis he needed a new approach to helping his clients instead of just following the same broken models available. Huge portions of the real estate community left for the safety of calm waters at home … seeing an opportunity, but more importantly a need to bring solutions to struggling homeowners in pain, he went to work to find the best way to attract more buyers to their home, and get them “Top Dollar.” After years of dissecting the real estate transaction and discovering the key elements that affect the sale, Curtis flipped the typical real estate transaction on its head. He systematized the process with his exclusive 89-Step No-Risk Home Sale and 47-Step Home Discovery and Acquisition Method. These two exclusive programs give Curtis and his Team a huge advantage when competing against both average agents and seasoned top producers. Nobody in the market has solutions as comprehensive as Curtis Johnson Realty. His extensive knowledge of the real estate market make him an indemand speaker and real estate expert. He constantly analyzes current market conditions and trends to stay one step ahead of others in the field. Curtis holds several advanced professional designations, including GRI, ABR and CRS. Curtis has been featured nationally on the cover of REALTOR® Magazine, prominently in CNN Money Magazine, and alongside hosts of HGTV, as well as interviewed locally on virtually every TV station and newspaper. Curtis and his selling system have been featured on the “60 Minutes” equivalent in several countries internationally. For years on radio and TV, Curtis has been the voice of reason trying to make sense of the Arizona housing mess and recovery. Curtis was raised in California, enjoys sports, competing at almost anything from Monopoly to video games, reading, marketing and spending time with family and friends. He is active in the community and loves serving in his Church. His wife Marilyn and three energetic sons (Daxton, Derek and Treyson) revel in the great weather and lifestyle that living in Arizona affords them.