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Corinne Rita

Corinne Rita has worked with thousands of people on transforming stress into strength, and fear into focused action. She lives her core philosophy that business and life mastery begins with personal transformation and the confident belief that anything is possible. A true maverick, Corinne is a published author, professional chef, international product designer, private brand and business catalyst, personal coach, motivational speaker and mind/body expert. She is a Phi Beta Kappa scholar with degrees in Psychology and Japanese. From teaching power yoga in Bangkok, to leading private retreat days with global CEOs, Corinne demonstrates you can be, do and have what you want in life. Corinne privately coaches entrepreneurs and executives on living and leading from their strengths and values. She is the fearless guide for life beyond the comfort zone. She teaches how to maintain the motivation and rock-solid self-esteem required for entrepreneurship. Her clients experience profit with passion. The goal of business is to improve the quality of life while generating revenue. As a brand and business strategist, Corinne identifies and maximizes core strengths in her clients and their employees to create extraordinary results in business. She designs company cultures of personal leadership, self-development and personal power. Her group retreats and programs teach unshakeable confidence, physical presence, creative visioning and living in the moment as the keys to success in all areas of life. Connect with Corinne at: CorinneRita.com, TheMaverickCoach.com for private and group coaching, and at: BrazenMaverick.com for personal and professional branding.