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Corey Sousa

Corey Sousa is founder of Revline Fitness, a leading fitness company in Montreal, Canada. Extensive travel is part of everyday life when dealing with CEOs/musicians/artists/ actors who cannot commit to one gym in one city, and Corey has created a personalized program to help even the most frequent flier.

Corey also provides gym management and training services remotely to his Los Angeles and Toronto clients. Being away from Montreal, he needed a solution for his current clients. Today there are Revline trainers in multiple cities that are all connected through Revline and their online systems.

Corey has spent his time learning from the masters in the Training and Sports industry. Having played a variety of team sports throughout high school, he then turned his attention to training at the age of 16. He has had the privilege of training along many professional athletes from the NHL, UFC, MLB, MLS, NFL, and MLB among others.

Corey’s training methods include Olympic weightlifting, functional training, calisthenics, as well as many other methods to produce optimal strength and performance gains. His specialty is adaptability to his clientele – who travel extensively – and consistently monitoring their nutrition for optimal results.

Corey has been coached and mentored by some of the top fitness coaches and professionals in the world. He attends seminars nationally and internationally and continually studies everything he can – from fitness to nutrition to psychology. He takes a holistic approach to training and tries to get the most out of the 168 hours in a week from his clients.

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