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Con Antonio

Con Antonio is the CEO of HID Group, a trusted business leader and coach. HID Group is also dedicated to reviving the small and medium business community by providing business coaching to business owners. Con uses his 30 years of expertise in accounting and business knowledge to create efficient systems which create profit but also works in depth with the personal development of the business owners. Con realized years ago in working with various companies from the medical industry to the car industry that for a business to have lasting success, it is not simply about changing systems, it's about changing the mindset and habits of the business owners running the company. He graduated from Victoria University with honours in Tax Law and Organizational Behaviour and prior to completing his accounting degree, at the age of 19, he was granted a Tax Agent’s licence and that provided him with the opportunity to prepare tax returns for individuals and small businesses - that was Con’s first taste of business and the self-satisfaction of helping individuals and businesses to manage their tax affairs. After several years working for small companies he joined AMCOR Pty Ltd, one of the largest packaging companies in Australia and overseas. For the following 13 years Con dedicated most of his waking hours to learning and developing his knowledge and was promoted to different levels of management working together with some of the most disciplined and toughest professionals of the group who taught him all he knows today about business and the discipline and commitment that is required to become successful. Although Con enjoyed achieving success in the accounting profession he also knew that his passion was to inspire and empower people to achieve their personal and business dreams and at the height of his career he decided to resign and went on to join the HID Group. For the past 13 years he has coached successfully a number of small and medium sized businesses that have over a period of time more than tripled their bottom line. To learn more about Con Antonio please visit www.hidgroup.com.au