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Clifford Jones

Clifford Jones is the founder and president of WealthNet Partners, LLC, an Internet marketing and business development consulting firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Cliff founded his consulting business in 2002 after selling his financial advisory practice to a major Wall Street firm in 2000. Cliff’s greatest passion is teaching entrepreneurs that starting, funding and growing successful businesses is the absolute best investment most people can make. Cliff was raised in New England among a family of dedicated entrepreneurs. Inspired from a young age to pursue the path of entrepreneurship, he studied International Business and Economics at Ohio Wesleyan University. Following his graduation in 1983, Cliff worked for eight years as a sales and marketing executive in the hotel industry where he learned to manage teams and multi-million dollar marketing budgets for luxury corporate hotels and destination resorts. In 1991 Cliff decided to pursue a more entrepreneurial path and proceeded to build and sell three books of business as a financial planner and investment advisor. Over the twelve years invested in building and selling his practices, Cliff worked exclusively with high net worth entrepreneurs and professionals. It was an incredible opportunity to learn from highly successful people while continuing to hone his skills in sales, marketing, investment management, business planning and commercial lending. Cliff is dedicated to working with and inspiring other entrepreneurs to build successful businesses while giving back to the global community of entrepreneurs. Cliff and his wife of twenty-four years have two sons in college. He loves fitness training, cycling, outdoor adventures, playing golf, business blogging, writing and reading tons of books.