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Chuck Mitchell

Business Coach Chuck Mitchell is One of Canada’s Leading Experts at Helping Business Owners, Executives and Sales Teams Change Their Results From Good to GREAT!!! Chuck has been hooked on out-of-the box thinking and inspiring exceptional performance since he completed his first business plan while still at University of Toronto. That first plan changed his career path and lead to a 35-year career of leading, coaching and empowering award-winning teams in some of Canada’s largest and most successful corporations as well as a handful of SMB companies. Now Chuck is leveraging his focus on results to assist SMB owners reach their full potential and to get everything out of their business that they deserve. To each project Chuck brings an extensive wealth of experience and expertise in Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, Operations and Human Resources. He is passionate about the success of every one of his clients and uses a customized, structured approach that utilizes content from Brian Tracy and is targeted at the exact needs of each business. Business Coach Chuck Mitchell’s FocalPoint Coaching practice is located in Markham, Ontario, Canada and he serves clients face-to-face in the Greater Toronto Area and by phone & online throughout North America. To learn more about Chuck Mitchell and how you can receive a free 45-Minute Business Coaching session visit www.businesscoachchuckmitchell.com , or contact me directly at [email protected] or 905.477.1551.