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Christopher M. Upham

Chris Upham, located in Alexandria, Virginia, is a nationally ranked real estate agent serving the luxury real estate market in the Washington, DC, metro area. A member of the National Association of Expert Advisors, Chris is dedicated to going above and beyond his clients’ wildest expectations to deliver the absolute best real estate marketing, service and experience available. As a former military officer, engineer, architect and project manager, Chris knows that every single home buyer and seller will make the decisions that are best for their situations, when the timing is right, and when they feel they have seen all their options. Chris’s job is to simply facilitate that process for his clients by building trust in a no-pressure environment. To view Chris’s video series or download the free report, Top 5 Most Costly Seller Mistakes and Top 5 Most Costly Buyer Mistakes, visit www.UphamRealEstate.com.