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Christine Brown

Christine Brown is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), with more than 20 years of experience in Accounting, Audit, Operations, Compliance and Operational Risk Management. She has worked in the Non-For-Profit, Public Accounting and Financial Service Industries; from credit unions to a fortune 100 company. Widely known as “MS FIX IT”, Christine has had the unique fortune of walking into company after company just in time to have the already huge mess that she was hired to clean up explode as soon as she accepted the position and cleared the door way. Most of her career has required her to create and develop complex business solutions under critical deadlines, on a shoestring budget, from a blank sheet of paper. Christine’s fun loving, warm hearted, and creative hands on approach to working with people combined with her excellent and uncompromising commend of business processes and the internal controls required for their success; makes her an awesome champion of change. She believes that “Life” is meant to be lived “Out Loud” filled with joy, passion, and above all FREEDOM!!! It is this passion that drove Christine to start Freedom Consulting and Training LLC, dedicated to freeing entrepreneurs and business professionals from the deadly clutching of “Doing Business Badly”. Too often innovative, energetic entrepreneurs become enslaved by the very businesses that they have created to free themselves; and business professions watch year after year as their jobs consume more and more of their lives and reward them less and less. Freedom can only be gained by systemizing and automating processes to allow them to become self sustaining, thus freeing “you”. To learn more about Christine Brown and how you can get your FREE business or training consultation e-mail her at [email protected] or call her at 773-878-2259. She would love to help you onto your own “Road to FREEDOM”!