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Cherif Medawar

Cherif Medawar was a Management Trainee at the Century Plaza hotel in Los Angeles California in the early 80’s, when an International Financier and Billionaire hotel guest in the name of Edmond Baysari noticed Cherif’s work ethics, enthusiasm and energy and asked him to come and work for him. Cherif worked for Baysari* for a few years and became an expert in real estate investing, trading securities and developing and growing businesses. He got exposed to the intense and exciting world of high finance and participated in transactions worth tens of millions of dollars at an early age. He then decided to create his own wealth by branching out and doing his own real estate investing and building great companies with profitable business models. In 1999, after becoming a multimillionaire, Cherif decided to start a training and investment company www.CMREI.com to share his wealth secrets with others. Today he has over 1000 video success stories on Youtube from people who followed his system and achieved their financial goals. His California Real Estate Syndication has been growing for years and paying investors secured high rates of returns: www.MIGSIF.com. Many of his clients are high net worth, high-income individuals and companies seeking expert advice and specific direction to set up their companies properly for exponential growth, strategic tax avoidance and powerful asset protection. Cherif is known to have the best structures and cutting edge methods in the financial world including the best retirement company www.eFreedomIRA.com. He is getting ready to launch his own Private International Bank www.MedawarBank.com as he continues to grow his educational and financial companies. Cherif lives part of the year in California where he teaches entrepreneurs his real estate programs and travels between Puerto Rico, where he holds over $50 Million Dollars of historic commercial properties, and Cancun where he enjoys life with his wife and two children.