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Charlie Seymour Jr.

Little did he know at age 6, while sitting on the stage in his first main stage production, that he’d use these skills in business to help you profit through online marketing.

Who is Charlie Seymour Jr? First, he’s a husband, dad, and granddad. He’s a guy who knows in his heart how powerful video is (he’s often called the Video-Crazed MBA Marketer). Not long after losing his father, he started a website, LessonsFromMyGrandson.com, so that his grandson would never grow up not knowing who he was. When people run from a burning apartment or flooded home, they grab their photo albums to keep their memories alive, and that’s probably because their videos are now protected online.

Charlie is one of FIVE generations in his family to direct at the same local theater and his passion outside of helping clients succeed has been directing rip your heart out big musicals like Sweeney Todd, Evita, Cabaret, West Side Story, A Chorus Line, Hunchback of Notre Dame (which he wrote), and more.

He’s also an Award-Winning Video Producer and Still Photographer; Theater Director, Producer, Actor, Coach; Award-Winning Salesman; #1 Best-Selling Author; Long-time Glazer-Kennedy Student and Marketer; Speaker, Storyteller, Featured Guest in Webinars and Meetups; and, oh yes: he has an MBA from Wharton.

But let's say he brings more than creativity and his shiny-headed good looks to the table. He generated $247,368,657.97 in personal sales and more than $1 billion through his marketing leadership skills. Be sure to ask him about this. And ask him about his #1 best-selling Amazon.com book, written with Dr. Marc Kossmann.

And even at an early age, Charlie created stories for people that others wanted to watch. He received my first camera (Brownie: remember them?) at age four and went on to become a professional photographer. He began his video career at age 11 at the side of Robert J. Kerr, the Dupont scientist (and community-theater director) who was a leading specialist in the creation of video tape at a time when a “home machine” weighed 37 pounds and you had to wind the tape from reel to reel. He started directing 3-camera video recordings at age 11 and now regularly has up to five cameras running at the same time, to get you from all angles and keep the viewer interested. Video is entertainment plus great information: THAT’S how to get people to watch!

At the heart of all of this Charlie has always known he’s a marketer and story teller: whether it was helping professionals explode their success in their businesses, getting theater productions produced at several theaters, selling major real estate along the East Coast of the United States, or running his own online businesses. And hand-in-hand with his business skills is his love for people, helping them succeed while focusing attention on them when they do.

Charlie recently studied the buying habits of Baby Boomers and uses one phrase to describe many of his generation: “We've gone from Success To Significance in what drives us. We have the things and now want to be sure to leave our mark ON the world (and on at least one other person IN this world).” He embodies that.

Charlie is the father of two beautiful, talented, and grown daughters (Stacie and Liz), a son-in-law (Chris), and 2 grandchildren who enrich his life in everything they do. He lives outside of Philadelphia with his wife, Pam, a cat, a dog, 7 computers, and 8 cameras!

How can he help get people to watch (and buy from) YOU?