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Charles L. Bledsoe, Esq.

Bledsoe Law Office, PC is a professional corporation established by Charles Lee Bledsoe, Attorney at Law, and which currently has three (3) convenient locations in South Western Virginia and Northeastern Tennessee. These offices are located in (Wise County) Big Stone Gap, Virginia, (Lee County) Jonesville, Virginia and (Washington County, Virginia / Sullivan County, Tennessee) the City of Bristol. 
 Bledsoe Law Office, PC concentrates its practice primarily on personal injury and disability matters. The law office handles such personal injury claims as car wreck cases, work related car wrecks, wrongful death claims, product liability, medical malpractice claims, nursing home abuse claims, and Social Security / Disability claims. Charles L. Bledsoe has been practicing in these fields for twenty (20) years and currently practices in all Federal and State Courts. Recently, and in an effort to educate the public, Bledsoe Law Office, PC has been organizing and publishing special reports in each of its practice areas. It is the law firm’s hope that by providing these materials free of charge to the general public, it can provide the general public with much needed information — to determine whether or not they may have a particular claim and actually need assistance. Since Bledsoe Law Office, PC limits its acceptance of cases to those that meet certain criteria; these special reports will assist the reader to determine whether their case is one that this law firm is able to accept employment and provide assistance. In the event that this law firm is unable to accept employment, it is the law firm’s policy to assist, if requested by the individual, to secure alternate counsel.