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Charles Henson

Charles Henson has been in the IT industry for over twenty years, getting his first “computer” around 1984 from a school friend. An immediate thought came to mind: if computers break, someone will need to fix them. This simple idea drove Charles to receive his Associates degree in Electrical Engineering from ITT Technical Institute. Currently serving as Managing Partner for Nashville Computer, Charles started working for the growing firm in 1991. In May 2010, he was invited to the Google Headquarters in California for his personal feedback on Google products. Charles has been interviewed and featured in Redmond IT magazine regarding Backup Disaster Recovery solutions. He has worked with and has been trained on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), a technology used to encrypt data and communications. Each week he leads discussion groups of IT leaders around the country, comparing notes and staying on top of technology problems, changes, and trends. Charles is passionate about helping business owners and office staffs become well educated about all of the technologies that can help them grow, be more efficient, and stay safe dealing with today’s cyber security issues. He feels it is his job to become a trusted advisor to all who will benefit from his IT experience and has become well known around the Nashville area through speaking engagements at seminars, giving interviews to news reporters, and hosting tele-seminars and webinars. He has also written two books, Hassle-Free Computer Support and Cloud Computing: A Guide for Executives & Business Owners. Charles currently lives in Brentwood, Tennessee with his wife of more than twenty years and their two children. Charles often tells his potential clients, “I am local and you may run into me in the store, in the park, or while out with the family.”