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Charles Anderson

Charles Anderson is a sales consultant, author, keynote speaker, and personal sales coach. He has close to twenty-three years of sales and entrepreneurship experience. He is the President of the Selling Skills Institute, an innovative sales training and personal development company located outside of Boston Massachusetts. Charles Anderson has worked with thousands of top performing salespeople and hundreds of companies across the United States. For 12 years, he and his family owned the Reporter Newspaper Group - A group of newspapers in the greater Boston area. After selling the Reporter Newspaper Group, he began his sales training and coaching career with Sandler Sales Institute. In 2001, he founded the Selling Skills Institute. In 2002, Charles Anderson developed and trademarked the propriety Shift Thinking™ Selling Methodology. This outside the box approach to training and coaching provides the mental tools that help trigger record-breaking sales results. Its basic principle is that your ability to create an extraordinary sales career is much more an issue of what you think and do, than what you know and say. In December of 2008, Charles wrote, The Secret to Sales Greatness” - How to Unlock Your Full Potential and Skyrocket Your Sales. In 2009, he wrote, Opportunity Calling –The Easy Way to Double Your Number of New, Qualified Appointments. This book is helping salespeople identify and breakthrough internal barriers that hold them back from telephone prospecting. And in 2011, he wrote, Shift Thinking – 40 Key Principles to Rewire Your Mind And Skyrocket Your Sales. In this inspirational book, Charles offers his readers a roadmap that will guide you through the process of rewiring your brain so you can change your life and be free of self-imposed limitations and finally become the success you were born to be. Shift Thinking™ changes the whole concept of what it takes to be successful in sales. Our objective is to teach salespeople how to surpass their current level of excellence and achievement by thinking outside the box and breaking free on mental paralysis. You can contact Charles Anderson via email: [email protected] or call 339-927-2746. To reach the Selling Skills Institute visit their website at: sellingskillsinstitute.com