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Carol M. Slinn

Carol M. Slinn C.H.T., Trainer - N.L.P. Trainer, Speaker, Founder of Rapid Result Training Carol M. Slinn lives in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland where she created and utilized her many skills for the past 26 years. She developed Rapid Result Training – an in-depth training for professionals to resolve habitual reactions that are having a negative impact on their lives. Training improved their health, performance and attitude all at the same time without any invasive disclosure being needed. The results are obvious and immediate – improving health, relationships, finances and performance. Carol’s passion and compassion is for those individuals who have experienced or are experiencing life’s challenging times. Carol’s father and ex-husband were both in the federal police force in Canada – the RCMP. She relates to relocating from western to eastern Canada and back again. Moving every few years to another city or town had a direct impact on everyone. Carol divorced after twenty years of marriage. At this time, her father passed away suddenly, leaving the family grief-stricken. Carol knew many people who were divorcing. She noticed decision-makers who could interact with ease in every situation, became more aggressive, anxious and depressed. She designed a one day pre-litigation program specifically to help those individuals be comfortable, while making better long-term decisions. One of her key accomplishments: Gaining recognition within the Life Insurance and Disability Insurance industry for creating a new approach to expedite good health to those individuals suffering and in pain – on long-term disability. Programs for lawyers, CEO’s, airline and marine pilots, police officers, firefighters, lawyers, military personnel, government officials, athletes and people in the film industry make up the list of professionals who have chosen Carol’s training over more traditional resources. Carol understands the time constraint there is when it comes to seeking a solution for yourself. Not everyone can take months or years to find a solution for habitual reactions that are impacting their life now. Her approach is safe, realistic and highly effective—empowering her clients while keeping their pride and dignity intact. Carol’s clients achieve recognizable improvements in their lives after, and often during, their Rapid Result Training. Rapid Result Training modules are designed to achieve her client’s’ goals in a manner that is effective, interesting and a relief for them! Carol’s clients come from every walk of life. Certification and Professional Development • Interview Techniques for People After Crimes of Violence – V. P. D. • Hypnotherapy Certification - United States Board of Hypnotherapy • Anger in the Workplace – Justice Institute of British Columbia • Mediation – Justice Institute of British Columbia • Certified Trainer CE Courses - Insurance Council of BC • Eating Disorders in Adolescents (Dr. Roger Tonkin) UBC • Addictions and Relapse Prevention - Canadian Mental Health • Anxiety Disorders Treatment and Behaviours - Anxiety Disorders Association