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Carl A. Barnowski

Upon graduating from Purdue University, Carl A. Barnowski found he had a passion for developing new approaches that would equip Baby Boomers with financial security at a time when many of that generation had little to no retirement plan in place. At a time when many of his peers were singularly focused on helping only themselves, Carl was hard at work developing new ways for pre- retirement Boomers to achieve access to the Four Biggies: Good Health, Mobility, Socialization, and Guaranteed Income for Life. For Carl, the first three Biggies were directly impacted by the fourth. With Guaranteed Income for Life secured, retirees would be better able to enjoy Good Health, Mobility, and Socialization because, unlike so many other Americans, their financial futures wouldn’t require them to “work until they drop.” In 1992, he established a financial advisory firm that educated his clients and provided access to carefully-researched investment products that would allow them to enjoy the Four Biggies. Promoting this approach through weekly speaking engagements around the country, as well as through appearances on World Business Review on CNBC, Carl relocated his family from Indianapolis to West Palm Beach, FL in 2002. It was there that he founded Premier Annuity Source, LLC, a media company whose sole purpose is to positively impact the financial industry by creating a safe, transparent and interactive environment for principal-protected annuity contract holders. He has since established four Premier Annuity Source locations: Circle City Annuity Source, Inc. (Indianapolis, IN); South Florida Annuity Source, Inc. (Palm Beach, FL); Gulf Coast Annuity Source, Inc. (Sarasota, FL); and Kansas City Annuity Source, Inc. (Kansas City, MO). Carl was enjoying the success of his endeavors, but knew that that his vision of innovation beyond the familiar was going to require him to make a more profound impact on local and global levels. This desire to serve led to the 2011 founding of Premier Annuity Source Foundation, Inc. Directors and advisors in the Foundation supply their time and efforts for no pay thus ensuring that all proceeds go directly to organizations in need. The funds they distribute are derived from a percentage of revenue received in the form of franchising fees, royalties, commission over-rides, and bonuses paid out from offices nationwide. In 2013, Carl founded Barnowski Financial Group, thus allowing him to further broaden the scope of his vision to serve not just the financial needs of individuals, but to provide them with education and access to resources that would ensure their enjoyment of all Four Biggies. He continues to promote change in the financial services industry as a whole. Still living in West Palm Beach, FL, Carl balances his professional and family life with dedication and commitment. When he’s not working to help others succeed, you will find him at his sons’ baseball and football games, or cheering for his daughter’s volleyball team. His passion for life and his commitment to making a positive difference in people’s lives continues to develop as he branches out into new endeavors.