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Cameron Makarchuk

Cameron Makarchuk is a bodyshaping specialist, metabolic training expert and founder of BOOM BodyShaping Studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba where he and his team are “changing people’s lives, one pound at a time.” He has worked with thousands of clients throughout his career and has helped them change their lives through sound nutrition, mindset techniques and scientifically-proven training strategies. Acclaimed as “the most comprehensive fat loss solution in Winnipeg,” BOOM BodyShaping Studio is just that, having all the bases covered and giving their driven, dedicated clients all the tools and coaching they need to reach their goals and beyond! On a mission of helping 100,000 men and women transform their lives and bodies, Cameron is working on putting his entire system together into an easy to follow, comprehensive program called “BodyShaping BluePrint” that will be available for anyone, anywhere, extending his reach to helping people not just in Winnipeg, but all around the world. To stay up to date on Cameron’s mission, and learn how you can receive a free metabolic workout, visit: www.BodyShapingBluePrint.com To learn more about how BOOM BodyShaping Studio is changing people’s lives in Winnipeg visit: www.BOOMBodyShapingStudio.com