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C. Richard Triola

C. Richard Triola has made a career of spotting emerging trends and capitalizing on them quickly. Whether it was trading stock options in the 70’s, introducing ‘take-and-bake’ pizza’s into the marketplace in the 80’s, or pioneering e-Signatures in the late 90’s, you can rest assured that ‘Rick’ is already working on the next ‘Game Changer’. Before he knew the definition of an entrepreneur, he began his career at the age of 12 with a paper route - moving on to establish a mobile hot dog business at the age of 16. The hardest thing about heading to college was the tremendous ‘pay cut’ he had to leave behind. Having purchased his first stock at age 15, Rick pursued his dream career as a Wall St Investment Banker. After the market crashed in the mid 70’s, Rick left Oppenheimer & Co and headed West to begin his Real Estate career - buying, selling, managing, and syndicating commercial properties - Rick mastered his profession over the next 25 years. Rick started Settleware Secure Services, Inc. in 1999 and today provides the Real Estate/Mortgage Industry the first and only electronic/paperless and end-to-end transaction processed completely over the Internet. In 2006, Rick added ‘Patent Holder’ to his resume. Today, Rick resides in Laguna Beach, Ca with his beautiful wife Gina and their Golden Retriever, Jackson.