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Brian Kissinger

After spending 10 years in the electronics manufacturing industry as a CEO of Epitech and a director of National Manufacturing Technology, I became a part time real estate investor in 1999. During the economic collapse of 2008, I assisted a friend with modification of his defaulted mortgage. I encountered the same convoluted corrupt system that was foreclosing on millions of American families. Because of the succesful IPO of National Manufacturing Technology, I was intimately aware of SEC regulations and Securitization Procedures. This experience combined with my knowledge of real estate transaction procedures, conveyances and chain of title assignment legalities led to the creation of the HoM SaF System and The Janus Group.

HoM SaF and The Janus Group now exist as full service asset risk assesment, legal discovery, transaction compliance, auditing and negotiation companies serving real estate investors and the law firms that represent them. With a mission statement of "NO MISTAKE REPEATED, NO DAY UNPREPARED" we are committed to prevention through education. Only by exposing the banking and government corruption of the past can we protect ourselves, as citizens, in the future.

HoM SaF and The Janus Group are a consortium of research analysts, paralegals, attorneys, forensic accountants, mortgage professionals, retired SEC and FDIC compliance officers. Our unequaled aggressive and confrontational approach against the worlds largest financial institutions delivers the greatest financial savings for our individual clients, while hopefully enacting reforms that will benefit our Nation as a whole.