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Brett Jennings

As an award-winning realtor, Brett Jennings understands real estate and is a respected leader in the real estate industry. Brett has been assisting homeowners and real estate investors minimize taxes and grow net worth for more than nine years. Prior to his career in real estate, Brett was the founder and vice president of a boutique financial planning firm specializing in asset protection. His diverse background in consulting and financial planning enables him to bring a fresh and creative perspective to your real estate needs. As a Silicon Valley resident and homeowner, as well as an income property owner and manager, Brett understands the challenges his clients face when making important real estate decisions. Brett uniquely blends his marketing savvy and financial planning expertise and real estate knowledge to help you maximize the investment potential of your home or other real estate. With this strategic approach, he can help you reach your financial goals on, or even ahead of schedule. A recognized expert in his field, Brett Jennings is often called on to teach conferences and workshops for agents and investors. He has been a member of the leadership council of various brokerages and continues to volunteer his time to train and teach other agents on what it takes to be successful in a shifting market. To learn more about Brett and how you can receive a free digital copy of the special report 5 Fatal Mistakes Homeowners Make When Selling Their Home, visit www.TheBrettJenningsTeam.com, or call (408) 427-9220.