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Brandon Oshodin

Brandon Oshodin is the owner and lead trainer of Authentik Fitness. He is world renowned for his approach to physical, mental and spiritual training. By offering these extra elements outside of the typical physical training, he brings his clients to a full and Authentik level of fitness. He lives by the motto: “By faith, not by sight.” When creating Authentik Fitness, he had a vision of going beyond doing bicep curls and gaining size for his future clients. He had the vision of a culture of excellence, learning to overcome every struggle, and dominating not only in the weight room, but in the classroom, at work and at home. There is certain expectancy within Authentik Fitness; it is not your average training. This expectancy requires, at all times, being the best you can possibly be and living your dreams. Brandon has clients ranging from celebrity models and athletes to high school students who just want to gain more self-esteem or improve in their chosen sport to prepare for the next level of competition. Brandon strives to live and lead by example, following Jesus’ words: “The greatest amongst you will be like servants.” Brandon has been recognized as a top trainer for his unique approach to serving his clients and is being mentored and groomed by Bob Proctor to be the next leader in personal development.