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Brad Gaines

Brad Gaines is Managing Partner of Reset Strategies. A strategic marketing and sales firm that helps businesses grow without advertising. Reset Strategies’ advisors, along with all associates, believe within all companies, regardless of size or industry are undiscovered, and at times, instant opportunities for new sales and profits. By implementing the 12 month RESET system, these opportunities are discovered, leveraged and optimized for A LOT MORE SALES - WITHOUT HAVING TO DEPEND on advertising. Reset specializes in identifying untapped revenue sources, underperforming activities; overlooked marketing & selling activities that are costing your business $1M or more in LOST revenue and provides the strategy & tactics so that you can grow using the resources you already have- same effort, same staff, and same budget. Business Owners & Executives partner with Reset when: - they want guaranteed ROI - they want unbiased and proven plan on the best use of marketing dollars - they've lost market share - they want to spend less on advertising but sell more - they want more referrals - they want focus & attention brought to the most important elements of the business - they want performance based strategies Brad is a 12 year veteran of the sales and marketing industry. He's been recognized internationally for his work with Dale Carnegie’s Breakthrough Award program. He’s had several sales scripts published by Fortune 500 companies and was awarded salesperson of the year by a Fortune 10 company. He’s shattered company sales records and wants to make it easier for people to do the same. Brad is a sought-out speaker and member of the Kentucky Speakers Association. He also acts as a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council where he stays in touch with the most pertinent business happenings and offers insights and feedback to improve the content subscribers will see. Best selling author, Jill Konrath of Snap Selling, said Brad had a lot of moxie. New York Times & Best selling author, Gary Vaynerchuk (Thank You Economy, Crush It) has commented on Brad’s hustle. Ask Brad about the Gary Vaynerchuk toy story. It’s hilarious. Gary even called him up about it. Brad was a collegiate baseball player and received his degree in Business. His firm is available for speaking, marketing, and sales advisory. He resides in the Louisville, KY metro area in Georgetown, IN with his wife Vanessa and daughter Adley.