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Bobby Davidowitz

Bobby “Franchise” Davidowitz:

1. BusinessAgent® and Personal Branding Specialist:

Working through the Celebrity Branding Agency, Bobby represents over 200 Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals in building their personal brand through media, marketing, PR, and web presence. His focus is positioning his clients as Celebrity Experts in their niche.

2. Founder of Fourth Quarter Entertainment (4QEnt.com):

Fourth Quarter is a music and video production house. As CEO, Bobby negotiates music licensing deals for the music produced by his team and serves as songwriter and video producer. He also serves as BusinessAgent® for music artist Limelyte aka Flash Garments (www.FlashGarments.com) and music producer John “J-Mac” McCall. Notable music placements for Fourth Quarter include the albums of artists Wu-Tang Clan, Young Berg, Vado, Young Buck, and Bobby Capri as well as the television show “Against The Tide.”

3. Two Time Emmy® Nominated Producer:

Representing both Fourth Quarter Entertainment and CelebrityFilms® as a video producer and story developer, Bobby’s work has been featured on NBC Universal Sports, The Biography Channel, and CNN. As Senior Producer for CelebrityFilms®, Bobby has been nominated for an Emmy® Award twice for his work on Entrepreneur and Non-Profit Documentaries.

4. Best Selling Author:

In 2012, Bobby was featured in the Best-Selling Book “More.Better” where he spoke about the storytelling power of documentaries for Businesses and Non-Profits to increase revenue and donations. “Your story IS your brand...whoever tells the best story wins.”

Bobby was born in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. His Hispanic-American upbringing has had a huge positive impact in all aspects of business, entertainment, and life. At the age of five he moved to Orlando, FL where he became an award winning athlete in Football and Olympic Weightlifting. He attended the University of Florida and received his Bachelors in Sports Management graduating Summa Cum Laude.