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Bill Twyford

Bill Twyford, The Real Estate Rock Star, grew up in a small town in Iowa. His Dad owned a successful industrial painting contracting business. He and his brother, Kevin, worked with their dad as young boys. At the young age of 24, Twyford realized that there were a lot of benefits of working for yourself. In 1982, Twyford started his own industrial painting contracting business in Houston and began his road to financial freedom. In 1993, he won a bid at Arco Chemical to epoxy-line the inside of a two-million gallon tank. When working in tanks you must pass a respirator test. Twyford failed miserably and his doctor told him that he needed to quit painting immediately and move to a higher altitude to clean out his lungs. He moved his family to Colorado. He had no idea what to do next. He had some cash and thought he would try retirement. He happened to walk into a real estate office and that is where it all began. There was a Realtor sitting at his desk with his feet propped up on his desk. Twyford ask him if this is what he did all day. He informed Bill he ate donuts, drank coffee and waited for clients to walk-in from newspaper ads. Twyford asked what is your yearly income as a Realtor? He said he earned $50,000 per year by selling ten properties. Being the assertive person that Bill is, he figured he could do the same thing, but he would sell one hundred houses per year. His first four years as a Realtor, he sold 574 properties. He was really making a name for himself. Twyford started his real estate career in August of 1994. That month he was exposed to Mike Ferry. Mike had become Twyford’s personal mentor. Bill Twyford, now known as “The Real Estate Rock Star”, has been an extremely successful real estate investor for over 15 years. He has been involved in the purchased and sale of over 2,000 properties. He is one of the most successful investors in America and he contributes his success to a great work ethic and his strong communication skills. Bill has been reaching into Corporate America for many years. He specializes in teaching business people “Strategic Communication Skills” that their corporation needs to achieve higher success. As author of the best-seller book, “How to Sell a House When It’s Worth Less Than the Mortgage”, Bill has strived to help families in distress throughout his investing career. Bill has written numerous training manuals in the areas of real estate investing, sales techniques, and communication mastery. He is the co-founder of Investors Edge University. Bill appears regularly on Colorado & Company, an NBC Channel 9 show to give homeowners options to foreclosure. Bill has had the privilege of speaking alongside Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, and Suze Orman. Bill is a heavily sought-after celebrity expert. He was interviewed many times on TV, radio, and print media’s including REIP (Real Estate Investor Professionals) Creative Real Estate Magazine, 411Realty, Realty-Trac, Entrepreneur Magazine as an expert in the industry. Contact Bill Twyford at www.InvestorsEdgeUniversity.com 303-870-8851