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Bertrand McHenry

Bertrand McHenry is known as the Referral Marketing Strategy Ninja. He is a published author, hosts a weekly CNN radio show called “Business Builders Radio,” and is the President/Owner of the Referral Institute of Houston - a referral marketing training company. He takes entrepreneurs and business owners and applies his three core competencies to their goals: 1) Making sure they get the right Referral Marketing Education. 2) Accountability and Immersion in the information and actions, and 3) Getting their networks trained. Pairing Referral Institute information and curriculum with these three core competencies is a combination that is transforming revenue, earnings, income and lives! To learn more about Bertrand, his company and how he can transform your business visit him at: www.referralinstitutehouston.com , follow him on Twitter at @bertrandmchenry , email him at: [email protected] , or call him at 281-401-9852