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Ben Pritchett

Ben Pritchett was born and raised in Gander, Newfoundland where he started his first business at the age of 15, and began his own consulting firm in 1991. For over two decades he has worked with clients in many industries from all over Canada. Before his involvement in the optometry industry, he worked with clients in industries ranging from restaurants and vacuum cleaner sales to software development and tourism, not to mention dimension stone (granite quarrying and manufacturing) and aviation, and a few others. Through his varied career he spent a couple of years teaching business management at a private college, owned a business brokerage, a specialty computer company and a sales training business. While not everything was a raging success, he learned a lot about business – both good and bad – along the way. Ben says that “when things come too easily, you really don’t learn much, so appreciate tough times for their learning opportunities, otherwise your time and money was wasted.” Ben’s a life-long learner who has plans for a 6,000 book library in his new house (there are already 3,000 in his collection). He tries to attend two to four National business events every year in order to keep up with what’s working for other businesses, in other industries, all over the world, and believes that you’re moving backwards if you aren’t constantly learning. He describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, consultant and business philosopher who is likely otherwise unemployable. He has a strong independent streak, loves breaking the rules (especially when it leads to greater success for himself and his clients) and hates wearing ties, so you’ll rarely find him wearing one! His main consulting strengths involve finance, marketing and business systemization. He also has a keen interest in copywriting, and would probably spend most of his time doing that if his other services weren’t keeping him so busy all of the time. He’s also shown a knack for finding the hidden assets in a business and helping its owners to maximize opportunities that were under their noses all along. He’s currently putting the finishing touches on a specialized coaching program for optometrists, but says that it can be used by any entrepreneur wanting to grow their business with less stress along the way. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact Ben via email at [email protected]. For entrepreneurs happy to learn on their own, Ben and his partners operate a website offering an automatic 52-week training program for business growth at www.advantagebizconsulting.com, along with www.advantagebizstartup.com which has training specifically aimed people just getting into business. Ben currently lives in Swan River, Manitoba, Canada, with his wife Dawn, daughter Calleigh, and a small pack of Airedale Terriers including Phoenix, Chewie and newcomer Charli. Ben loves to work from home with his furry “assistants,” and can often be found burning the midnight oil on some new project or another. Despite an already hectic schedule, he takes on select consulting assignments when a project piques his interest, and would welcome the opportunity to work with you if you have a business that you want to grow.