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Becky Cagen

Becky Cagen is an “idea person.” When Becky has an idea, she is like a happy dog with a bone! She will not give up on her idea until it comes to fruition. Becky’s tenacity, combined with her caring and compassionate personality make her latest idea, The ICARE DREAM TO SUCCEED MethodTM, a natural progression in her quest to help others live their dream life. Working with people is Becky’s specialty. As a life coach and motivational speaker, her intuitive nature allows her to see beyond the surface and delve deeper into the issues. Becky’s creativity and positive energy are contagious and seem to propel others to do their best work. She knows how to inspire people to get the job done. Becky doesn’t understand the word “no”. She is a very fast thinker and problem solver and knows there is always another solution. Becky believes in others’ abilities often times more than they believe in themselves. These skills combined with her quick wit, enthusiasm, and encouragement enable people to overcome their fears and produce beyond what they thought was possible. As President of Cagen Music LLC, a nationally-renowned special event music production company, Becky has been helping people live their dreams for over 30 years. Career highlights include singing at President Obama’s 2009 Inaugural Ball in Washington DC, sharing the stage with international superstars. She has produced and performed at over 6000 corporate shows, weddings and charity galas. These events have provided her the opportunity to make other peoples’ dreams a reality. “I love every aspect of my job,” Becky says, “whether it’s singing, songwriting and performing, or planning, producing and bandleading. But most of all, I love the relationships I have formed with my clients and feel honored to share in the most important days of their lives.” “The Don Cagen Orchestra” co-led by Becky and her husband and business partner, Don, have performed on WGN, CBS2 Chicago, NBC5 Chicago, Fox Chicago, Fox National, CNN and MSNBC. Becky was cast as a singer in the film “Opportunity Knocks” with comedian Dana Carvey. Becky and the band have been featured in USA Today, New York Times, Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Variety, Pioneer Press and North Shore Magazine. You can connect with Becky at: [email protected] [email protected] www.beckycagen.com www.cagenmusic.com