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Basem Al Attar

Basem Al Attar is a Training & Development Consultant, NLP Trainer & Master Hypnotherapist. He is the founder of Better Training a company that specializes in skills development, & training. He’s the author of many self-development programs on State Management, Creative Thinking, Communication, Leadership, Sales, Strategy, Productivity, Stress Management and NLP. Over the past decade, thousands of people from 35 different countries have attended his training workshops. People often describe these events as "a life changing experience”. He also coaches executives from different countries around the globe, working with them on both personal & career development. With specific experience in the Middle East, Basem has worked with many multinationals in the region to help organizations create cultural change. His ability to help people create a positive mindset coupled with his sound business background has made him one of the most in demand Consults working in the Middle East today. For more information on Basem Al Attar & to receive your free report “10 Ways to Improve Your Collection”, go to: www.bettertraining.net